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Swiss Life

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is an innovative business unit of Swiss Life with offices in Dubai, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Singapore & Switzerland.  The company is a leading provider of life insurance for high net worth individuals. The pension & estate planning solutions are distributed in cooperation with renowned private banks, family offices, law firms and asset managers. 

Life insurance is recognised worldwide and is a respected wealth planning instrument in all legal jurisdictions. It also offers extremely simple inheritance planning solutions. PPLI works as an alternative or complementary product to the more traditional forms of wealth planning offered by foundations and trusts.  It also offers high net worth clients the ability to designate beneficiaries for estate planning purposes. PPLI provides valuable asset protection and tax planning opportunities for mobile individuals with changing tax residencies, while delivering a level of flexibility, liquidity and customisation otherwise hard to achieve.

PPLI plans integrate the personal investment portfolio into a secure and confidential wealth management concept built using an insurance policy. Unlike classical insurance solutions, PPLI allows individuals to maintain their investments with their chosen wealth planner and continue to use their expertise to decide on the management of their assets.

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