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Axel Springer

May 6, 2016

From Blackmores to Wah Kwong Maritime Transport – we’ve scoured the globe for the A-Z of top family business leaders in 2016

Whether its family members taking over top leadership positions, or businesses who’ve beaten Apple in corporate reputation rankings, we’ve got the leaders steering their family businesses in innovative and interesting directions

October 2, 2015

Family-owned Busch buys stake in Pfeiffer Vacuum; Former Luxottica CEO Andrea Guerra takes on Eataly; and Axel Springer to buy Business Insider for $343 million

Family-owned Busch buys stake in Pfeiffer Vacuum

German vacuum pump maker Busch, owned by the eponymous family, has bought a 15% stake in competitor Pfeiffer Vacuum for around €145 million ($161 million).

"As a long-term investor we see a financial investment in Pfeiffer Vacuum as an attractive opportunity to profit more from the potential of a market that we know well," second-gen Sami Busch, one of the company’s five managing partners, said in a statement.

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