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  • To achieve true family wealth there are six forms of capital – together they facilitate family unity and help those involved prepare for the handover to the subsequent generation. But it doesn’t happen overnight, warns Dennis Jaffe

  • Corporate scions come from a different world, one in which they must prove themselves in the long shadow of their entrepreneurial predecessors and demanding families. It’s a formidable task, as Dennis Jaffe explains

  • Family meetings are not a time to dwell on grievances or conflicts but an opportunity to to talk openly and honestly about any personal family and business issues relating to their legacy, says Dennis Jaffe

  • Amassing a fortune is an often an event that takes place quickly. But can today’s families learn from yesterday’s leaders in protecting their wealth, their well-being and the good of wider society?

  • By using the ‘four phases of succession’ a family business owner can pinpoint precisely where the business is and then smoothen the transition to the next generation. But the key is to take painstaking care during the early phases

  • Acting quickly to repair short-circuits in a family’s communication process can save a great deal of hardship down the line

  • Family executive teams can be a great way for families to manifest their values and sustain a powerful company. But creating a balanced and well-functioning team demands continual monitoring and attention

  • Dabur India Ltd is undergoing the challenging transition from family management to professional management, while staying true to the legacy and traditions of its founders

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