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Tax and Jurisdictions

Governance : divorce

Divorce has high costs, both monetarily and emotionally. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of family business, as evidenced by some high-profile cases in recent years. Love, power and ownership can all be at stake when family and business split

Review : The Gilded leaf

The Gilded Leaf: Three Generations of the RJ Reynolds Family and Fortune By Patrick Reynolds and Tom Shachtman.Published by Little Brown & Co, 1989

Roundtable: Trusts

Families in Business chaired a roundtable discussion at Campden’s Family Wealth Management Conference to discuss recent trends and developments in trust laws, and the effect on both family offices and families of wealth

Finance : Private Banking

Tax, estate planning and inheritance issues are now important strings to a private bank’s bow. Maria Scott reports on exactly what large, multinational private banks are offering, and whether they are catering for the precise needs of today’s HNWIs

Controversy and conflict among members of family businesses usually arise as a result of misunderstanding rather then any sense of malice. Laura Bachle looks at the benefits of using mediation for estate planning and conflict prevention. Take note, JR