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Melanie Stern talks to Urs Roth, CEO of the Swiss Bankers’ Association, in a frank analysis of the arguments surrounding Swiss banking secrecy laws, surely one of the longest-running disagreements in the financial services industry and of great interest to wealthy business families

Just as having too little money can be emotionally troublesome, so can having too much; family business inheritors need to work hard to establish a sense of self in the face of an ­all-encompassing financial security blanket, says Melanie Stern

More and more studies are showing extra longevity for family controlled firms, despite a conspicuous lack of resources and vulnerabilities. Yet many find the goal to endure and preserve wealth a long haul requiring commitment and adaptability

The Holy Qu’ran makes no bones about the prohibition of debt or interest – but Western institutions are working with Islamic scholars to draw up a ‘halal’ financial market to solve this, reports Melanie Stern

Wine has long been a popular collectible and investment – but do nothing without competent advice in this expert’s market, says Melanie Stern

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