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Exacerbated by high-profile blow-ups, UK pension funds just can’t shake their fear of hedge fund risk, finds Melanie Stern

Money has been pouring into hedge funds but performance, in general, has been disappointing. Meanwhile new trends are emerging as funds and their investors seek better returns. Richard Willsher reports

Preparing a company to globalise its operations depends on the nature of the business and the suitability of its products. George Malim reviews the options open to family firms

BUSINESS FOR FAMILY BUSINESS: pre-nuptial agreements

Following US fashion, older generations of British family businesses are ushering successors to sign pre-nuptial agreements as part of the ownership transfer – even if the contracts aren’t legally binding in the UK. Melanie Stern reports

GOVERNANCE: long-term success

It takes a lot more than entrepreneurial spirit to sustain a family and its long-term business success – vision, values and planning also play a role. The key, as Amy Braden discovers, is integrating them

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